• Interchange+

    Credit Card Processing

    With our low cost, pass through pricing, we pass the cost of interchange on to you & add a small markup on each transaction.

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    Simple Enrollment

    We make enrollment easy. Complete your application, review terms with a rep, sign, and start processing.? It's that simple.

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    Payment Options

    Basic terminal? Point of sale? eCommerce gateway? App integration? We make it easy to accept payments anywhere.

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    Transparent Pricing

    With BLUEDOG your costs are fully transparent. No hidden fees and no unexpected rate changes.


    With OptBlue, American Express? transactions are processed at the same rate as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

    Low Monthly Fee. Low Transaction Fee. No Hidden Costs.

    Interchange +, AKA pass-through or wholesale, is often the lowest cost option for most businesses.

    0.3%? Over Interchange

    +15¢ per transaction on every swipe, dip, & tap

    ? $5.00 Statement Fee

    ? $3.42 Regulatory Fee

    ? Free Next Day Funding

    ? Free BLUEDOG.app Account

    ? 24/7 Merchant Support

    ? Bring Your Own Compatible Device

    Note: Monthly cost varies based on merchant account type & equipment options.

    Add the Fetch Z11 for $399

    Swipe, dip or tap. The Fetch Z11 terminal does it all while providing a quick and easy payment experience for both merchants, and customers.

    Learn more about the Fetch Z11 ?

    Getting Started

    First, choose the payment processing method that suits your business best, then fill out a quick application, and you’ll be ready to accept payments in less than 72 hours. If we need additional information, we’ll reach out right away.

    Point of Sale

    Our Poynt Smart Terminal is a full-featured POS in a mobile form-factor. Get Poynt for just $699, or bring your own device.

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    Our Dejavoo Z11 terminal is the most popular choice for many retailers. Get the Z11 for just $399, or bring your own compatible device.


    From farmers markets to trade shows, easily accept payments from anywhere. Get the Fetch for just $199, or bring your own device.


    Ecommerce can be complicated. That’s why we offer compatibility with virtually every popular ecommerce cart.

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    Virtual Terminal

    Our virtual terminal allows you to process credit, debit, & ACH payments from virtually any connected device, for just $14.95 per month.

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